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Past Projects and Participants


2009 WSU REU Group

REU Participant: Erin Buehler
Affiliation: Eastern Washington University
Project Title: Consistency and timing in activity recognition across varied populations

REU Participant: Benjamin Burnett
Affiliation: Weber State University
Project Title: Automatic annotation of CASAS smart home data

REU Participant: Kelsey Cairns
Affiliation: Portland State University
Project Title: Actigraphic movement classification

REU Participant: Seun Deleawe
Affiliation: University of North Texas
Project Title: Learning CO2 levels as a partial indicator of air quality in smart environments: A data mining task

REU Participant: Luciana Diamente
Affiliation: California State Polytechnic University
Project Title: Presentation of data collected using remote wireless sensor network

REU Participant: Desmond Eskridge
Affiliation: Alcorn State University
Project Title: Implementing entertainment devices into a smart environment

REU Participant: Rachelle Goll
Affiliation: Truman State University
Project Title: Non-invasive mobility monitoring for early detection of dementia

REU Participant: Anthony La
Affiliation: Washington State University
Project Title: Visualization of activity data in smart environments

REU Participant: Vy-Hoa Le
Affiliation: University of Portland
Project Title: Low noise amplifiers: A door to wireless batteryless sensors

REU Participant: Kjerste Tangvald
Affiliation: Washington State University
Project Title: Energy analysis and data mining in the smart environment

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