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Aaron Brookhouse

Michigan State University, MI

Self-Attention in Multivariate Time-Series Classification
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Alissa Cielecki

Arcadia University, PA

Impact of Language Choice on the Vulnerability of Multi-Language Software
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Jonah Davis

University of Rochester, NY

Digital Assistant for Resilient Operation of the Power Grid Using NLI
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Luisiana Dominguez

Lehman College, NY

Deep Reinforcement Learning for General Game Playing
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Bryn Loftness

Colorado Mesa University, CO

Aiding the Integration of Automatically Generated Tests into Pre-Existing Manually Written Test Suites
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Filipp Shelobolin

Carnegie Mellon University, PA

Detecting Patterns and Anomalies in Covid-19 Spread using Dynamic Graphs
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Kaylee Trevino

University of Texas at Austin, TX

Minimizing Wireless Transmissions of Wearable Bioelectronics Using Artificial Neural Networks
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Zachary Cutler

University of Utah

Project: RepeatAnalyzer 2.0: A Web-based Tool for Analysis and Management of Short Sequence Repeat Data
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Kemas Asim Fauzi

Miami University

Project: Integrating Action Response in RAS
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Stephen Iezzi

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Project: The Application of Deep Learning Methods to Epigenomic Data
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Collin Kummer

Washington State University

Project: Initial Prototype Development of a Novel Catheter Navigation System for Endovascular Medical Procedures
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Austin Marino

Washington State University

Project: Characterizing Multiple Programming Language Usage in Open Source Projects
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Michael Martin

Buena Vista University

Project: Improving the Accuracy and Analysis of the Digital Memory Notebook (DMN) Dashboard
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Chantal Shine

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project: Monitoring Eating Patterns Among Adults
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Lauren Smith

St. Mary's College of Maryland

Project: Measuring Resiliency in Power Grids Using Graph Metrics
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Nathaniel Sprecher

Grove City College

Project: Detecting Erroneous Entities in Attributed Graphs with Graph Neural Network
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Marcus Blaisdell

Washington State University

Project: Machine Learning for Efficient Genome Assembly Construction: A Ranking-based Approach
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Sunny Chiu

Colorado College

Project: Personalized Human Activity Recognition: An Active Semi-Supervised Learning Approach
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Jacob Cillay

Pitzer College

Atsuyo Shimizu

Binghamton University

Project: Digital Memory Notebook Dashboard
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Rafi Khaled

Vassar College

Project: Phenomic Predictions' Insight into Environmental and Genetic Significance
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Julia Maliauka

California State University

Project: Dynamic Robot Placement in Smart Environments
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Lucia Martisovitsova

University of Central Florida

Project: Predicting Emotion Based On Biological Signal Inputs Using Machine Learning
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Timothy McAleer

University of Washington

Project: Predicting Transitions Between Activities to Customize Tutorial Videos
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Evan McElheny


Project: Expanding Why Not Queries in Data Graphs
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Jordan Roth

Kansas State University

Project: Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Tests for Consistency in Distinguishing Degrees of Intelligence
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Caroline Rublein

Lock Haven University

Project: Identifying Anomalies in Power Grid Sensor Data Using LSTM Neural Networks
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David Bai

Colorado College

Project: Data Anomaly Detection Tool for Cyber Security in Transactive Energy Environment
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Ji Bok

University of Georgia

Project: Infant Pain Detection Using Fast Fourier Transformed ECG Data
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Carter Carlos

Washington University in St. Louis

Project: Comparing Convolution Transpose Methods in a U-Net Trained on MRI Classification
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Casey Fleck

Coastal Carolina University

Project: Exploratory Keyword Search Over Graphs with Quality Guarantees
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Ellis Hoag

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Project: Optimizing Continuous Spaces via Multi-Fidelity Evaluations: A Multi-Scale Bayesian Approach
Picture coming soon...
Daylan Kelting

Washington State University

Project: Improving Non-expert, Human-defined Sub-task Hierarchies
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Michelle Medici

Simmons College

Project: HomeKit-based Sensor Network
Picture coming soon...
Kaylee Nguyen

Washington State University

Project: Generating Comments for Methods
Picture coming soon...
Skyler Norgaard

Kalamazoo College

Project: Deep Learning Algorithms for Human Activity Recognition with Applications in Transfer and Active Learning
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Nathan Seitz

University of Illinois at Chicago

Project: Developing Power Models for Smart Watches to Improve Battery Lifetime During Long Term Data Collection
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Not shown: Jordana Dahmen.

Jordana Dahmen

Washington State University

Project: Using Wearable Sensors to Detect Changes in Physical Activity
Kathryn Kresnye

Xavier University

Project: Perceptions of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Shayan Monadjemi

University of Texas at Dallas

Project: Top-k Event Discovery for Graph Streams
Linh Nguyen

Washington State University

Project: Adaptive Phasor Measurement Units for the Smart Electric Grid
Charles Packer

University of California San Diego

Project: Mining Data from Graphs Using a Novel Dictionary-based Compression Method
Christopher Pereyda

Whitworth University

Project: Comparing Artificial Intelligence Systems Using Visual-Only Input Through ViZDoom
Vanessa Putnam

University of California Santa Cruz

Project: Randomized Local Search for Structured Prediction
Jonathan Squibb

University of Illinois at Chicago

Project: Graphical User Interface for RepeatAnalyzer
Ryan Torelli

Washington State University

Project: Activity Recognition and User Identification Using a Wearable Stretch Sensor
Timothy Vierow

Washington State University

Project: Renaming Automatically Generated Code


Not shown: Alex Gain.

Rebecca Baumher

University of Pennsylvania

Project: Graph Pattern Mining Revisited for Personalized Knowledge Discovery
Jessie Bryant

Washington State University

Project: Laser Power Beaming in Smart Homes
Daniel Cardona

Cornell University

Project: K-Core Approach to Graph Community Detection
Madeline Chili

Elon University

Project: On the Ability to Provide Demonstrations on a UAS: Observing 90 Untrained Participants Abusing a Flying Robot
Alex Gain

Tulane University

Project: Compression = Intelligence?
Nicholaus Jackson

New York University

Project: Learning Macro Operators for Large Multi-Label Output Spaces
Ellen Louie

George Washington University

Project: A Signal Segmentation Tool to Facilitate Research Involving Wireless Sensors
Glory Obielodan

Utah State University

Project: Managing Bad Data in Smart Electric Meter Measurements Using Data Mining Techniques
Deontae Pharr

Kennesaw State University

Project: Real-Time Collection of Sensor Data for Android-Based Wearables
Sebastian Rodriguez

Northwestern University

Project: RTPMU: A Multi-Threaded Real-Time Data Validator for Phasor Measurement in Smart Electric Grids

Previous REU Program Projects and Participants

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