School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The theme of this REU program is the design and use of smart environments. A smart environment is able to acquire and apply knowledge about an inhabitant and their physical surroundings in order to improve their experience in the environment. The desire to create smart environments has existed for decades, and recent advances in such areas as machine learning, sensoring, mobile and pervasive computing, and communications now allow this dream to become reality.

REU students will see tangible outcomes of their research efforts in the physical testbeds set up at WSU. In fact, REU students will have the opportunity to participate in onging studies in the smart apartments and labs available on campus. This grounded theme ensures that research in diverse areas will be interwoven toward a common goal. Immersing the students in the project in this way also builds a bond between the group members and allows them to experience the user’s perspective, as well as the engineer’s perspective, on the problem.

In addition to working on a smart environment related research project, REU students will join a WSU cohort of 70-80 other undergraduate researchers at WSU during the summer, what we call a "community of scholars." REU students will be trained in the presentation of their research via technical writing and poster construction, and the program culminates with an end-of-summer poster session for all of WSU. Students will also learn about the benefits and process of applying to graduate school. Each week REU students will be invited to a research brown bag lunch meeting in which one of WSU's top researchers discusses their research area and career. Finally, students will participate in a variety of social events along with their cohort, whether enjoying WSU's delicious Ferdinand's ice cream to hiking the rolling hills of the Palouse.

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