School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Past Projects and Participants


REU Participant: Akeem Abodunrin
Affiliation: San Francisco State University
Project Title: Predicting smart apartment inhabitant daily energy expenditure

REU Participant: Partia Mahmoudabadi
Affiliation: Seattle Central Community College
Project Title: Reminder system in smart house

REU Participants: Devin McBride and Michael Miceli
Affiliation: Seattle University, Louisiana State University
Project Title: A Google Earth user interface for wireless sensor networks

REU Participants: Chris Miceli
Affiliation: Louisiana State University
Project Title: XMPP XEP-0060 pubsub as middleware

REU Participants: Bryan Minor and Benjamin Swedlove
Affiliation: Washington State University, University of Texas at Dallas
Project Title: Second Life as a visualization tool for smart environments

REU Participants: Dan Rippon
Affiliation: Washington State University
Project Title: Multi-sensor security portal

REU Participants: Sarah Szewczyk and Kelly Dwan
Affiliation: Washington State University, Smith College
Project Title: Activity recognition in smart environments

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